The role of the automobile manufacturing industry in reversing climate change

    With concern for the environment reaching a fever pitch, every sector is scrambling to implement measures to reduce their environmental impact that will satisfy consumer demands.

    This series of articles will seek to address some of the gaps in understanding preventing automotive manufacturers from executing policies founded in corporate sustainability practices.

    It will address the auto industry’s role in the current ecological crisis and where that intersects with its responsibilities in micro- and macro-economies. It will analyze the significance of the automotive industry to slowing climate change and the roadblocks preventing the industry’s ability to implement meaningful sustainability practices industry.

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    "If I have seen further, it is be standing 

    on the shoulders of giants."

                              - Isaac Newton


    It is hoped that this series will offer one other thing:


    America would not be the political, economic, and cultural power it is were it not for Detroit and the Big 3.  We have prevailed victorious through hard times because of the automotive industry, and it is the automotive industry with the vision, the infrastructure, and the tools to reverse climate change.  

    This series will endeavor to first identify and re-frame the auto sector’s significance in the historic events that have shaped the present world.

    From there, it will address the unique challenges preventing the auto sector from fulfilling its environmental manifest destiny. Finally, this series will fill gaps in existing literature and offer practical implementation items which are actionable and measurable and can be incorporated into existing business frameworks which unify objectives for the numerous stakeholders served by the automotive manufacturing industry.

    Upcoming in this series are articles, blogs, infographics, and blogs providing context for the challenges facing the automotive industry during this next critical juncture in history. The authors will endeavor to equip the American automotive industry with tactics that will help it again rise to the challenge issued when Tolstoy proclaimed, “everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”.

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    March 16, 2020