Last February, ERA was announced as one of the featured Award badgewinners of 2022's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Awards by Corporate Vision Magazine.

    All of ERA's solutions incorporate AI capabilities, be it performing complex calculations or generating environmental reports. Moreover, ERA has embarked on three software engineering projects in collaboration with Concordia University, one of which was directly responsible for ERA's award win.

    Motivated by a typo that was missed by four reviewers and that led a large automotive manufacturer (and ERA-client) to submit a faulty emissions report, ERA sought to develop a tool that uses AI to detect and flag anomalies in very large data sets. The project aimed to integrate the tool into the software so that clients could scan their production data for anomalies on a weekly or monthly basis. They would also save time and resources otherwise spent on manual reviews and lengthy corrections.

    Clients now get a warning when importing anomalous data and even before their data become anomalous and lead to erroneous reports, audits, or in some cases fines. The project, as with the recognition bestowed by this award, is proof that ERA is a leader in the EHS field as far as quality assurance/control and issue detection is concerned.

    For a rundown of the benefits of the AI tool, refer to the presentation ERA gave at the SP Innovation Summit. A version of this project is available as a research paper submitted for presentation at the 2023 International Conference on Software Engineering.


    This development is yet another example of our efforts to redefine the way EHS&Q compliance is carried out in today's age of AI, part of our longstanding commitment to ensuring a healthy and safe natural environment. Regulatory agencies, such as the US EPA, utilize companies' emission reports to model pollutant dispersion and air emissions and to perform impact studies on the health of communities near manufacturing facilities. Any errors in the submitted data, however accidental, will give a false impression of the kind and extent of preventive measures necessary to reduce industrial pollution.

    Therefore, there are repercussions to over- and under-reporting; the first could result in the client getting audited or even fined, while the latter could harm the general public over longer time periods. ERA’s Anomaly Detection tool is an innovative way of making it easy for the client to avoid both.

    Read our one-page editorial piece on the Artificial Intelligence Awards' edition of the magazine.

    Andres Cabrera Rucks
    Post by Andres Cabrera Rucks
    June 5, 2023
    Andres is a Science Content Writer at ERA Environmental Management Solutions.