Frequently Asked Questions

What can Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Software do for me and my company?

Having a powerful Environmental, health & Safety software platform will save your company time and money. You could reduce the hours your EHS department spends collecting and analyzing data by up to 75% simply by streamlining the way you track hazardous emissions, co-ordinate the demands of employee Health and Safety, and manage your chemical inventory. On top of that, you'll avoid fines related to incorrect compliance reporting, and your business will become more sustainable in the process.

Can I track Greenhouse Gases?

Yes. ERA's Environmental Management software gives you the capability to accurately and precisely account for your facility's Greenhouse Gas emissions and other types of air pollution that your facility emits.

Can I track my Environmental Compliance tasks?

Yes. Our software will help you stay on top of your reporting requirements to local and federal regulators by providing clarity and transparency during reporting periods and environmental audits. ERA's EHS software notifies you regularly to keep you aware of your deadlines and current with the newest regulations.

Why is it important to use a tried and tested EHS Software package?

When it comes to environmental reporting and audits, it is important to provide accurate data. Health & safety issues require that all accidents are properly documented and corrected. Your business' compliance is essential for your long-term success. Adopting a tried-and-tested system, proven by a broad range of customers, means that you can be confident that the system works correctly and instantly implement the program without fear of incompatibility.

Where can I access ERA's software solution from?

All of ERA's Environmental, Health & Safety solutions are accessible from anywhere that has internet access. Our software is web-based and connects to ERA's central server hub, which securely stores all of your data, allowing you to access it and manage it from multiple locations.

What systems is ERA's software compatible with?

ERA's EHS software is compatible with all major operating systems. Our software is entirely web-based and uses Internet Explorer. Any system that is capable of running Internet Explorer is compatible with our EHS solutions.

Does ERA provide a full spectrum of training, support and technical assistance for the initial set-up?

Yes. ERA Environmental Consulting will customize the software to suit your needs, enter all of your relevant data, and train you how to use the software. Our environmental scientists and consultants will walk you through your fist round of reporting requirements. You will get to work with the same ERA staff from the initial setup to training to ongoing technical and product support. We are committed to providing you the total support that you need.

Does ERA provide an alternative to manually entering data into the system?

Yes. A key benefit to ERA's software is the ability to rapidly electronically upload your data and import product information from a wide range of chemical coating vendors. You can even import your existing product usage, hours of operation, and many other aspects of your current corporate record-keeping into the system.

Is this a mobile solution with synching features?

Yes. ERA's environmental management system is fully compatible as a mobile solution since it is a web-based application. ERA software can operate on any mobile device with an internet connection.

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